App Development

Our experience with mobile development ranges from the latest iOS and Android devices all the way back to first Palm Pilots. We've been working with mobile devices and building apps for tens of thousands of users before anyone ever dreamed of an App Store. 

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are causing a revolution in the mobile space. Using technologies like HTML 5, Sencha Touch, and Phonegap, an app can be developed one time and then be distributed or sold to several different platforms. In other words, you don't pay to have an app built for Android and then pay again to have it developed for iOS. One set of code runs on all devices which slashes development costs and time.


Native Apps

When you need blazing fast speed or only want to develop an app for a single platform such as iOS, then a native app may be for you. With a native app, you can take advantage every ounce of performance and every feature of the powerful devices that are available today.